Temporary Placement

Temporary Placement

The Optimum Way:
"Learn to respond, not react."

Somebody in your organization falls ill. An individual resigns to take another job. Your company lands a major contract, but you're short of personnel to process the job. What do you do?

Don't worry!

The first thing not to do is panic. You have options as close as a telephone call. Optimum is able to provide you with a temporary replacement until you find the best permanent replacement.

We have an extensive data bank of temporary employees who are primed to fill in at various jobs. They specialize in filling in for permanent staff who are on vacation or who have left unexpectedly.

Do we have someone for you!

At Optimum, we continually update our files of temporary workers - people who enjoy the challenge of changing jobs every few weeks or months. These are not individuals who go from job to job because they are unstable.They are career workers who enjoy variety, but are not in a position to work full-time.

They may have family commitments or personal projects they are working on in their spare time. Usually, these individuals are looking for a challenge and the opportunity to earn extra money.

Up to date

Optimum's counselors pay a lot of attention to recruiting qualified individuals and updating their files regularly. We want to know their availability so that we can respond promptly when clients call us looking for a temporary replacement.

Optimum assumes all payroll and related costs for temporary employees, as well as the issuance of tax forms. All temporary employees referred by us are bonded.

While the temporary employee takes care of your immediate needs, we will work with you if you want to find a permanent employee.