Resume Tips

The Optimum Way:
Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities!

People often ask how they should go about preparing their resumé. This is the single most important document in getting you an interview with a potential employer. It must convince the reader that he or she should call you in for a job interview to better assess your capabilities. It is the proverbial foot in the door. It is best if you don't make it too flashy; just something simple and easy to read. 80% of the time, employers overlook resumés that are "all over the place".

The following is essential information:

  • Personal data (name, address, postal code)
  • Contact data (phone numbers, fax number, e-mail)
  • Objective (what type of work you seek)
  • Education (degrees, diplomas, certificates)
  • Work History (employer, position, date)
  • Accomplishments (on-the-job successes)
  • Skills (languages, software, teaching, leadership)
  • References (normally listed on a separate sheet)

Several tools are available on the web or in bookstores and libraries to guide you through your job hunt. Two simple but useful references:

  • Job Hunting for Dummies (376 pages), published by IDG Books, ISBN # 0-7645-5163-9, price $26
  • Microsoft Word's Resumé Wizard (in Word, click "New", click "Other Documents", click "Resumé Wizard.) Once you have completed your resumé, ask a personnel agency professional to do a critique from the point of view of form and content.
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