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Permanent Placement

The Optimum Way:
We're known by the "companies" we keep

There is a special challenge involved in finding permanent staff, as opposed to temporary employees. Our clients rely on us to find staff which is competent and reliable - regardless of whether it is for a temporary or permanent position.

With more than 38 years of experience, Optimum has helped place thousands of permanent employees in companies throughout the Montreal area. We have the resources and expertise to find top-notch staff to fill the following job categories:

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Sales
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Technical
  • Credit
  • Management
  • Network Specialists
  • Product Management
  • Administrative
  • Receptionist
  • Accounting
  • Order Desk
  • Customer Service
  • Purchasing
  • Data Entry
  • Marketing
  • Traffic/Logistics

However, choosing a candidate for a permanent position requires more intensive interviews, personality analysis and at times reference checks. Not only do we have to ascertain whether the individual in question can fulfill the client's short-term needs, but we have to project well into the future to determine whether the candidate has the ability to grow with the company he or she is joining.

How often have we all heard stories of new employees who start their job with enthusiasm in their first few weeks on the job, only to fizzle out within a few months. Invariably, the story is always the same. The person in question had the requisite knowledge and training, but lacked what is known in the trade as EI - Emotional Intelligence.

EI is the latest jargon as far as hiring goes. We're all looking for those elusive job candidates who have the emotional makeup to match their job skills. Emotional disposition is likely the single most important factor in determining whether a potential employee has the right stuff to make a long-term contribution to a corporation.

It is the ability to harness one's social and educational skills in an effort to build a cohesive team. It involves relating to other individuals in the work environment in a positive manner while operating under normal business stresses.

For the final word on the ideal personality in an employee, remember the advice of best-selling author and business guru Tom Peters:
I’d sacrifice 25 IQ points for a healthy dose of sunshine.