Advantage for Employers

The Optimum Way:
"The trouble with time is you never have enough."

For more than two decades, Optimum has assisted clients in assessing the potential of job applicants. Our professional counselors give you the answers you need to determine which job applicants are likely to do the best job for you.

Besides our questionnaires and thorough testing, we also submit candidates to in-depth interviews where we ascertain their real strengths, qualifications and motivations. It is during those extensive interviews that the real substance of the individual becomes apparent. It is a time-consuming procedure, but one which is indispensable in determining the real value of each candidate in relation to a particular job opening.

Consider your valuable time and how much of it will be taken up in finding the right job candidate if you do not engage the service of a personnel agency such as Optimum.

In our personal lives, we all hope we'll have time for our "To Do" list. However, in business "time is money."

So even if you think you have time to find the right person to fit your job requirements, you'll find that the hours and days you need to accomplish the mission could likely be spent in a more productive manner to generate additional revenue for your enterprise. We offer the following guaranteed services:


Optimum Screening

Thorough interviewing of our candidates


Optimum Standards

Only suitable applicants will be recommended to you


Optimum Confidence

We support our recommendations by providing you with a list of qualifications and experience of all candidates we approve


Optimum Protection

Confidential treatment of all information


Optimum Follow-up

We stay in touch with you to make sure the new employee is working out. If an employee hired on our recommendation is terminated or resigns within the guarantee period, a qualified replacement will be provided free of charge providing the invoice was paid within 30 days.
To modify a travel industry slogan: "Sit back, relax and leave the interviewing to us!"