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The Optimum Way:
"Wisdom is sometimes more important than knowledge."

Knowledge often comes from a book or video. Wisdom comes from life experiences. At Optimum Personnel Ltée., we honour both aspects of learning, but we know that attaining wisdom is more circuitous.

Perhaps that's why we place such a high value on job candidates' life experiences, rather than looking only at their formal education. The counsellors of Optimum, knows that steel must be forged in fire to withstand the stress of industry.

They bring that same philosophy to the task of matching employees with employers. The job resumé tells only part of the story; likely not the most critical part.

Optimum's doors opened in 1979 and is still in the same West Island location at Les Galeries des Sources, we meet every job applicant for an extensive interview before assessing their capabilities and potential.

Advantage for Employers

The Optimum Way: "The trouble with time is you never have enough."

For more than two decades, Optimum has assisted clients in assessing the potential of job applicants. Our professional counselors give you the answers you need to determine which job applicants are likely to do the best job for you.

Besides our questionnaires and thorough testing, we also submit candidates to in-depth interviews where we ascertain their real strengths, qualifications and motivations. It is during those extensive interviews that the real substance of the individual becomes apparent. It is a time-consuming procedure, but one which is indispensable in determining the real value of each candidate in relation to a particular job opening.

Consider your valuable time and how much of it will be taken up in finding the right job candidate if you do not engage the service of a personnel agency such as Optimum.

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Advantage for Candidates

The Optimum Way: "No matter how difficult the past, today is a new start."

Optimum's success for over 35 years has been predicated on the quality of the job candidates we provide to employers. Our stock-in-trade is people.

You can forget the formalities. Optimum might just end up being the best contact you ever made. Apply at Optimum, chances are you'll end up with a job.

Optimum's strength is putting people at ease, then getting to know their possibilities and working with them to reach their potential. Every candidate has something to offer. It is a question of matching the right candidate with the right job.

All of us, at one time or another in our lives, have gone to job interviews. We all know the feeling of sweaty palms and uneasiness. Optimum's counselors are empathetic and positive. We seek to support those looking for jobs.

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